Tangela is a grass type Pokemon.  The drawing of Tangela is very friendly and cute, but I believe Tangela would be a much scarier looking creature if found in the wild.  His hair is ratted, and his feet are only red because they are dyed with blood from walking around on rocks and sticks.

Tangela Final





I once again decided to do a real Pokemon chop.  This chop is of Mankey, a monkey inspired fighting pokemon.


My depiction is much closer to a real monkey, but the only piece of a monkey that I used was the face.  I started this chop with a basic sketch, and then filled it with teddy bear fur and monkey skin textures.  Click on the image to make it much larger.

mankey drawing

Mankey Final

Mankey in the wild


Background- http://www.deviantart.com/art/the-branch-reaches-out-169436208

Fur- http://www.deviantart.com/art/Mr-Teddy-29036099

Face- http://www.deviantart.com/art/sad-monkey-18963093


The Vila are a Slavic tradition.  While there are many versions and names for this creature, they all share the same basic concept; a beautiful woman that changes forms when angry.  Some folklore believes these women to be the ghosts of fair maidens who died before their wedding night.  Despite the many tales of their origin, this enticing creature enjoys luring a weary man to kill him, and often cause storms when their tempers flare.  Below are snapshots of two Vila, both in their beautiful form and their true form.





So this weeks’ latest project was Zapdos, the legendary electric bird.  Here is the original concept-



As usual, mine was slightly different.  



Hope you enjoy it.  Please leave comments below, and if you have any requests, pokemon or not, just let me know.  I’d be obliged.  

Video demonstration is on its way.


So here is the latest.  This is Scyther, a bug and flying type pokemon.  



They are normally portrayed as ready to fight, but I wanted to show an old one wandering through a field, scarred up from past battles.  



Be sure to check out the video showing the sped up process of how I created Scyther.