I love Photoshop, and so should you!

I was first introduced to Photoshop in Highschool and it quickly became my passion and favorite pastime.  I started off with some really cheesy Photoshops such as putting a face in a cup of coffee-

ImageEvery time I did a project I got a little better.  I would watch photoshop tutorials online and try to replicate them with my own original content.  By the time I started college I had already completed 30 personal projects in Photoshop.

I took a break from it for a while, but when I started up again I started trying many new tricks.  Previously, most of my visual tricks were done with the camera, and then just touched up in photoshop, such as this one- ImageBut when I came back to Photoshop I came back much stronger, and much more willing to try new things, such as downloading new brushes to do hand magic-ImageEventually I found a great website: Worth1000.com – which is full of aspiring graphic designers, and immediately I knew that I had a long ways to go before I could do projects like them.  I still do have a long ways to go, and sometimes I am baffled by the quality of work that the self proclaimed “worthian” community can produce.  I don’t pretend to be as good as some of them, but I feel like I have learned quite a few things over the past few years and that I can now start to share my works with those who would like to learn.

My most recent projects have been taking fictional creatures (mostly pokemon, and yes I know how dorky that sounds) and chopping them (or Photoshopping them) to what I would imagine they might look like in real life if you happened to stumble across one in the wild.

I hope you enjoy my projects as much as I enjoy making them.  I am aware that they are not perfect, but that’s what learning is for, right?


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi impressive stuff, great background info on your progress. But you haven’t given your work any identity, I would love to share your pictures in my post but I wouldn’t do so without giving you a deserved credit.
    I play Final Fantasy games and came across your Basilisk, which by the way looks so authentic, congrats on your skills.
    In the game I play there is a Basilisk which is a Bird, and in nature there is a lizard called the Basilisk that walks on water, with the Harry Potter version I wanted to put them together in a post with your Basilisk, but as it happens in our group, we respect the artist and photo owner and give them recognition.
    So please contact me and let me know how you would like to be credited.

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