First Pokemon Projects

So here are the first few Photoshops that have demonstrated what real pokemon would look like if you happened upon one in the wild.  I will include the cartoon version, and then my version, in case you don’t know your pokemon too well.

Koffing: A poison type pokemon that creates pollution-


source from




The second one I did was Snorlax, a very sleepy pokemon who is always blocking your path in the gameboy games-







The next one was a battle between two rivals, Charizard and BlastoiseImageImage





I also did Jolteon, the electric evolution of Evee (the cartoon version is already built in)-





More to come…

If you like these or if you have any suggestions or requests of which other pokemon to do, please comment.



5 thoughts on “First Pokemon Projects

  1. That is some pretty interesting stuff Dave! It’s amazing what people can do with a computer. Keep up the good work. The Scyther video was fun to watch. I love how real it looks in your finished photo. I have always enjoyed seeing your projects.

  2. Dave, love your project! It is so amazing what you are doing. I really liked the video because I have no clue how to use photo shop. It must take a long time to create each picture. I have always loved the ones you did in high school, you should post some of them as well. Good luck and we will keep looking for more on this block. 🙂

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    • Thanks for the article. I’ve been trying to sign up for pokemon crossroads, but every time I login it tells me that I need to login to leave a comment. Is there something I am missing?

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